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Mike “The Griz” Ritz is a classic. His love of fishing began when he was four years old fishing with his father in Montana. He has continued that tradition fishing with his son Charles since Charles was two years old.

Mike has a PHD in biology. His legendary guide skills began when he was a hunting guide in Montana at the age of sixteen. He has since been a fishing guide in Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Alaska and all around Mexico. He has hunted and fished around the world twice and holds many world records.

Mike has been in Mexico since 1985 and is currently an adviser to the Mexican Government. His three television shows Adventures South of the Border, Chef on the Water and Discovering Mexico are broadcast on MegaCable in Mexico, Alive TV Outdoors and WCTV in the USA and across 43 countries around the world on Mexico Travel Channel. Mike is also co-host on Fish Talk Radio, is a contributor to five magazine publications and has received 5 awards from the Outdoor Writers Association for his work in print, TV and radio.

Mike is a great lover of the sea and wild life. He is actively involved with programs protecting the bounty of the sea and waterways for future generations.

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